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Ablaze is a comprehensive realtime VFX training program in the Unreal engine 5 that takes you from beginner to pro, ready to enter the industry

Jason Keyser

VFX apprentice CEO

"Nicolas is one of the best VFX instructors I know. His intro class is a great way to learn the basics of visual effects animation. He has put some serious love and attention into this, ensuring that you'll be properly guided every step of the way. From working with Nicolas in the past, I can say with full confidence that he not only knows what he is talking about, but he is also exceptionally good at teaching."

Course requirements

This course is perfect for both beginners and more advanced artists. While previous VFX experience is not required, a basic familiarity with UE5's UI, tools, and navigation will ease your learning experience.

What's included

  • Almost 100 highly edited videos
  • Over 6 hours of content
  • English subtitles available for all videos.
  • Free additional content to come
  • Total access to all assets used and created in the course
  • An organized UE5 project specifically set for the course
  • Multiple documents and cheatsheets for students

Course Content

What is a Realtime VFX artist?

Set up the Ablaze Unreal Project and learn more about the role of a real-time VFX artist, the skills required to be one, and much more !

Navigation and particles

Learn how to navigate in Unreal Engine 5 and how to use Niagara, Unreal's particle system editor, to create this cool firework effect !

Shader logic

Create your own shaders from scratch! Start with basic shaders to display transparent texture and progress to advanced ones, to dynamically animate static texture and more.

Modeling for VFX

Learn what are the most commonly used 3D meshes in special effect creation and how to create some of them.

Artistic principles

Understand color, shape and animation principles to create your first gameplay-oriented effect : A magical hit !

Water shader

Use amazing shader tricks to make this peaceful water shader with procedural foam and depth color variations.

Lightning projectile

Get ready for electrifying pew-pew action! Craft lightning projectiles to zap your foes with style!

Flame thrower

Things are heating up as you will craft a blazing (hehe) flamethrower effect for our adorable robotic friend !

Create your VFX portfolio

Uncovers insights on creating your Junior VFX Artist's demo reel and portfolio, and discover where to seek out additional challenges to further enhance your skills !

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Get lifetime access to the course and get content updates for free.

No subscription is needed. New lessons will be added to the course later on.

*VAT/TAX not included. Price may vary depending on your country.

Your Instructor

I'm Nicolas Trevisan, also known as Cool Cat VFX ! I'm a Real-time VFX artist in the video game industry.

I was the former lead VFX artist at Atypique Studio, where I worked on the video game "Noara: The Conspiracy." I'm currently working as a freelance VFX artist for the French game studio Old Skull Games on the game Cryptical Path.

Beyond my professional journey, I'm dedicated to the art of sharing knowledge about Realtime VFX. In 2022, I had the privilege of being an instructor at VFX Apprentice, working for Jason Keyser, a former senior VFX artist at Riot Games.